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About this site
A few words of explanation for the casual international wanderer who happen to bump into these pages. First and foremost I must make it perfectly clear that this site is strictly for local Finnish consumption and does not aim for any global audience.

Therefore all the other pages are written solely in finnish and are not translated in any foreign language.

This site offers computer-related aid and information in Finland. The sole author of the pages is a finnish journalist living in Lohja, who likes to play with computers and likes to help people in their computer-related problems. He has already repaired a few hundreds computers belonging to the good people of Lohja.

Lohja is situated about 54 kilometers northwest of the Finnish capital city Helsinki. Lohja is a peaceful inland city of 36 000 inhabitants. Lohja area is known in Finland as a famous apple-growing region. Therefore Lohja likes to call itself The Apple Village.

The creator of these pages normally edits the economics-section of Länsi-Uusimaa -newspaper, but twice a month he takes leave of normal daily humdrum of economics and try to tell his readers about things that he thinks every computer-user should know.

These ‘Bitti poikittain’ -colums have been a standard feature of Länsi-Uusimaa for several years.

He is also a regular contributor for the Finland’s largest computer magazine Mikrobitti for which he writes computer-related news-stories.

He has also written a comprehensive guidebook of the OpenOffice 1.0 -suite. The already obsolete book was published by Edita-publishing and is no longer available in Finland.

The author has his own English-speaking blog in the address http://beinghuman.blogs.fi. This blog concentrates wholly on critique of religions and presenting newest atheistic thinking.

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